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Include an EdShelf webmix in a Google site

I have been playing with EdShelf, an online tool that helps teachers organize lists of apps and other resources they use into webmixes. It is free and so far has been easy to use. Basically, you create a collection (or more than one) and add the tools to it. Each tool is in the database with a brief video, reviews, and pricing info. One feature that is especially nice is that if you choose to print the list, it automatically adds QR codes to link to the website for each tool. You can embed your collections on websites to share with students, parents, and other educators.

Unfortunately, the embed code they provide doesn’t work well with Google sites. Google is pretty particular about what kind of embed codes they allow. There is a workaround, though. What you need to do is to insert the entire webpage into a frame on your Google site. Just follow these steps.

  1. Log into
  2. Find your name on the right side, click it, and select the webmix you want to include.
  3. When the webmix page opens, select and copy the url.
  4. Log into your Google site and click where you want to embed the webmix.
  5. Choose Insert from the menu at the upper left.
  6. Choose More Gadgets, then Include gadget (iFrame). Click Select.
  7. Paste the url to your webmix in the box marked URL to content, adjust your other settings, and click OK.