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Who Is Coffee Nancy?NancyProfilePic

I am a media specialist based in Los Angeles County, California. It is my privilege to collaborate with teachers, helping them integrate technology into their lessons in a meaningful way. I have a Master’s in Educational Technology and I am passionate about technology in education, but I don’t believe in using technology for technology’s sake. While I firmly believe that both teachers and students should be using technology, there needs to be a firm pedagogical basis for it. We shouldn’t be using a tool just so we can say we have used it.

That being said, I am proud to be a Google for Education Certified Trainer. After all, if we are using a tool, we should be exploring the best ways to use it.

I am the founder and lead organizer of PLAYDATE L.A., an unconference where teachers can come together to explore technology. You can learn more about this exciting event by visiting the PLAYDATE website. I am also a member of the edcampVC organizing team.

This site was created for two reasons. First, as a place where I could share technologies and best practices with my fellow educators and second, as a reflective space for myself where people could also get to know me. I welcome your feedback.

Why Coffee Nancy?

Many people have asked why I am known as Coffee Nancy. Well, the username I created when I first signed up for a Twitter account had a dozen characters, and two of them were underscores. People tended to leave them out or put them in the wrong place. Even if they remembered them, typing them on mobile devices wasn’t pretty.

A new Twitter handle was clearly needed. It had to be short, memorable, and easy to spell. My last name is none of those, so I couldn’t use that. Finding something that went with Nancy wasn’t very easy. There are quite a few Nancys (Nancies?) on Twitter, so many names I would have liked were already taken. I was going back and forth with a friend of mine, considering different possibilities, and she came up with @CoffeeNancy. It was perfect. I have loved espresso since I first tasted it at 18 in Italy. In addition, many people believe I have caffeine running through my veins. I don’t, but I can’t help it if I have a tendency to jump up and down when I get excited. Once I came up with the tagline “Stimulating Education Innovation,” I knew I had found my true name, the one that reflects who I really am, or at least, who I aspire to be.

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